M-PSI/06 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

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Detailed Course Content

Motor practice throughout history. The practice of sport in the modern era.
The organization of sport in Italy: the C.O.N.I., sports federations, sports clubs, amateur sport.
Sports, health and wellness: prevention and intervention.
Classification of competitive sports.
individual sports and team sports.
Rules and regulations.
The athlete.
The attentional processes and concentration.
Competitive spirit and motivation.
Sporty performance: the training, the preparation, the context, victory and defeat.
The very high level of performance.
The psychologist in the sporting context: the intervention program (analysis of the context, perception, judgment, mental training, guidance, counseling, etc.).
Clinical activity: from prevention to management of critical personological and discomfort before, during and after sporting commitment.

Textbook Information

Slides of the teacher
Fabio Lucidi, eds, Sportivamente. Themes of sports psychology, LED Editrice, Milano 2011 (the book is free to download from the "" site)

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