M-PSI/02 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Complesso Didattico Verginelle
Office Hours: Lunedì 14-16

Learning Objectives

The course provides the fundamentals for the study of the main methods in the field of cognitive rehabilitation

Detailed Course Content

Basis of neuronal plasticity

Phonological processing deficits and articulation

Rehabilitation of semantic-lexical deficit

Rehabilitation of morphosyntactic deficit

Treatment of communication disorders in brain-injured adult

Rehabilitation of aphasic patients severe

Rehabilitation of disorders of reading and writing in adult brain injury

Rehabilitation of the number system and the calculation

Rehabilitation of disorders of attention

Rehabilitation of memory disorders

Rehabilitation of apraxia

Rehabilitation of spatial disorders

Diagnosis and rehabilitation of spatial hemi-inattention development and testing of a training visuo-spatial program

Rehabilitation of neglect through different types of sensory stimulation and prismatic adaptation

Neuropsychological rehabilitation of head injury

Cognitive rehabilitation od dementia

Frontal lobes, executive capabilities and their rehabilitation

Neuropsychological rehabilitation of global disturbances of consciousness

Textbook Information

Anna Mazzucchi, “La Riabilitazione Neuropsicologica” – Terza edizione Elsevier, 2012

Di Nuovo S. Vianello R. “Deterioramento cognitivo: forme, diagnosi e intervento” – Franco Angeli, 2013

Elisabetta Làdavas “La Riabilitazione Neuropsicologica” – edizione Il Mulino, 2012

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