M-PSI/05 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Complesso edilizio le Verginelle, Via Casa Nutrizione -Catania
Phone: 3396504527
Office Hours: Mercoledì 10-12

Learning Objectives

- Providing useful conceptual and methodological tools, in order to:

-analyse institutional processes between social dynamics, in individual, small group, organization / institution, community settings;

- reflect on Social in terms of "possible community";

- know the applicative aspects to improve the individual, group and community well-being;

- enhance a critical view on context like "social construction" and its own possible changing;

Detailed Course Content

According to different theoretical approaches, defining and analyzing institutions,

Analyzing the processes of de-institutionalization in the "liquid modernity"

Knowing the main theoretical models and the methodological tools of the Community Psychology

Identifying the main elements that characterize an effective relationship between individual and context (social support, social networking, empowerment, community sense)

Analyzing the applicative aspects of psycho-social processes under institutions and communities, specifically related to "gender relations" and "elderly people's Quality of Life"

Textbook Information

Zani B. (a cura di) (2012). Psicologia di comunità. Prospettive, idee, metodi. Carocci: Roma. (limitatamente ai capp.I, II, V, VI, VII, X, XII)

Licciardello O. (2015). Istituzioni e cambiamento. Processi psico-sociali. Franco Angeli: Milano.

Licciardello O., Cardella G.M. (2017). Alla base dell’iceberg. La rappresentazione della violenza sessuale tra atteggiamenti di superficie e sfondo. Franco Angeli: Milano.

Mauceri M., Licciardello O., Di Marco G. (2014). Psychosocial Dimensions of Quality of Life among Elders: A Research of the Italian and Spanish Elderly. Procedia –Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol.116, 1651-1655

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano