IUS/20 - 7 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

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Learning Objectives

Knowledge and comprehension

The matter of the course is the analysis of the juridical regulation on biomedical trends, resulting from scientific and technological progress. Particularly the course considers the connection between law and new converging technologies (synthetic biology, biometrics, neuroscience, human enhancement), the status of the human embryo, the status of the human body, the clinical trial, the end-of-life questions.

Ability to turn knowledge and comprehension

into practice The aim of the course is: a) to test the ethical and legal implications of different bioethical problems b) to identify and to know the main differing points of view which appear in the bioethical debate c) to prepare for developing coherent and comprehensive arguments in the resolution of ethical problems.

Detailed Course Content

What is biolaw?

Ethical pluralism and neutral approaches

Law and science

Personal, Narrative, Social and Managerial identities

Law and Body

Reproduction technologies

Reproductive and therapeutic cloning

Wrongful birth and abortion

Informed consent and living will

Physical assisted suicide and euthanasia

An intersubjective and intercultural bioethics

Textbook Information

Books for students who attend the lectures:

S. AMATO, Eutanasie, Il diritto di fronte alla fine della vita, Torino, Giappichelli, 2015, pp. 228

Books for students who don’t attend the lectures

Due, a scelta, tra i seguenti testi:

a) S. AMATO, Eutanasie, Il diritto di fronte alla fine della vita, Torino, Giappichelli, 2015, pp. 228

b) S. AMATO, F. CRISTOFARI, S. RACITI, Biometria, I codici a barre del corpo, Torino, Giappichelli, 2013, (è facoltativa l’Appendice) pp. 127

c) F. D’AGOSTINO, Bioetica e biopolitica: ventuno voci fondamentali, Torino, Giappichelli, 2011 (di questo testo sono obbligatorie le voci n. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9,15, 20, 21) complessivamente pp.120

Suggested Readings

F. D’AGOSTINO – L. PALAZZANI, Bioetica. Nozioni fondamentali, La Scuola, Brescia, 2013

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