BIOCHEMISTRY - channel 2

BIO/10 - 5 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Torre Biologica, Torre Sud, 4ยบ piano studio 35, Via Santa Sofia 97
Phone: 0954781150
Office Hours: previo appuntamento

Learning Objectives

The course of Biochemistry aims to provide to the students the basis to
understanding the physical, chemical and biological contexts in which
molecules, reactions and metabolic pathways play their role. Particular
attention will be given to the structure and function relationship of the
major classes of macromolecules as also to the metabolic regulation at
the molecular and cellular level.
In order to stimulate student interest the topics will be explained
emphasizing the logical and consequential interconnections emphasizing
the clinical aspects and introducing experimental methods.
At the end of the present course the student will understand the
structure-function relationships of the main biological molecules,
essential biochemical mechanisms that underlie a proper metabolic
function and the consequences of their alterations.

Textbook Information

1. Siliprandi-Tettamanti. Biochimica Medica. Piccin.

2. Nelson Cox. I principi di Biochimica di Lehninger. Zanichelli

3. Devlin. Biochimica con aspetti clinici. EdiSES

4. Berg Jeremy M. - Tymoczko John L. - Stryer Lubert. Biochimica. Ed. Zanichelli

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