BIO/17 - 7 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: paola.castrogiovanni@unict.it
Office: Dipartimento di Scienze biomediche e biotecnologiche – Sezione di Anatomia, Istologia e Scienze del Movimento- Comparto 10 - Edif. A – Via S. Sofia, 87 - 95123 CATANIA.
Phone: 095 3782036
Office Hours: Martedì e giovedì dalle 10:00 alle 12:30

Detailed Course Content

The purpose of Histology teaching is to provide the student with a basic cytological and histological culture for the comprehension of the general organization of cells, their specializations and interactions to fulfill specific functions of tissues, essential in order to recognize the physiological characteristics of human cells and tissues.

The purpose of Embryology teaching is to provide the student with a general culture on human embryology trough a detailed description of the various phases of human development, from the zygote (fertilization) to the embryo (embryogenesis) and to the fetus (organogenesis) until at birth, with reference to the related mechanisms of control and regulation.

Textbook Information


1. P. Rosati- R. Colombo - N. Maraldi - ISTOLOGIA 5° ed.- edi-ermes

2. V. Monesi - ISTOLOGIA 6° ed.- Piccin


3. De Felici-Boitani - EMBRIOLOGIA UMANA 2° ed. - PICCIN

4. Barbieri- Carinci - EMBRIOLOGIA 3° ed. - Casa Editrice Ambrosiana

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