GEO/10 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Corso Italia 57
Phone: 095-7195709
Office Hours: martedi-venerdì 8-10

Detailed Course Content

Physical properties of magmas. Elements of the structure of the Earth. Physical characteristics of magmas. Formation and ascent of magmas. Physical processes in magma chambers. Transport of magma in volcanic conduits. Lava flows. Earthquakes, deformation, gravity, magnetic as precursors of eruptions. Characteristics of a precursor. Objectives of a prediction. Energy balance of a volcano: Heat. Potential energy. Kinetic energy (earthquakes and tremor). Deformation energy. Historical cases of recent eruptions of Etna.

Textbook Information

Vulcanologia – Scandone e Giacomelli – Liguori Editore

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