INF/01 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Course Structure

Class rooms and/or on Teams platform depending on University regulation.

Detailed Course Content

In the first part we cover the database management systems from both a theoretical and a practical approach. We will cover all theoretical needs for understanding the technics to archive and manage Relational Databases. We will also cover a well known system for database management.

In the second part we discuss of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and how the two fields interacts today with each other. The availability of huge amount of data today (Big Data) is fueling a revolution in Artificial Intelligence systems that get more and more present in our everyday life. We will study the principle of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and we will investigate the principle of some inference algorithms. We will also delve into how such new technology impact our lives, both from a social and ethical standpoints.

Textbook Information

Slides plus articles provided by the teacher

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