BIO/14 - 8 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Torre Biologica, Torre Sud, piano IV, via Santa Sofia,97
Phone: 0954781198
Office Hours: tutti i giorni previo appuntamento da concordare via email

Learning Objectives

In the first part of the present course, students will acquire information about basic principles in Pharmacology, from drug development processes to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, drugs mechanisms, signal transduction pathways, factors affecting response to drugs, adverse drug reactions. In the second part, students will be introduced to an overview of selected drug classes and their clinical applications.

Course Structure

Lectures. Students are invited to actively participate with questions, comments and thoughts related to covered topics.

In case lectures will be held in a mixed condition (both in front of students and online) or online only, required changes will be adopted even if not clearly stated in this section, in order to comply the planned program as reported in the Syllabus

Detailed Course Content

General Pharmacology

Drug classes

Textbook Information

1. Rossi - Cuomo - Riccardi: Farmacologia - Principi di base e applicazioni terapeutiche, Minerva Medica, Edizione III and subsequent

2. Rang - Dale: Farmacologia, Ed. Edra, Edizione VIII and subsequent

3. Katzung - Preziosi - Masters – Trevor: Farmacologia Generale e Clinica, Piccin, Edizione IX and subsequent

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