BIO/19 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: m.santagati@unict.it
Office: Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e Biotecnologiche (BIOMETEC) Via Santa Sofia n. 97 Torre Biologica 95123 Catania
Phone: 0954781245
Office Hours: 9,00 -12,00

Learning Objectives

The aim of the " Microbiota and nutrition" module is to deepen the knowledge of the structure and function of the human microbiome in health and disease. The student will learn the main functions of the intestinal microbiota essential for the health of the host such as metabolic functions, protection and their impact on development and function of mucosal immune system, also evaluating the main factors that can leading to a state of dysbiosis and/or eubiosis. During the course knowledge on the microbiota/human microbiome with metagenomic analyses and on bacterial strains producing bacteriocins with probiotic characteristics is deepened.

Course Structure

lessons , tutoring, laboratory activities, seminars.

Detailed Course Content

The interaction between microbiota and host, taxonomic and functional composition of the microbiota (oral, pharyngeal, gut microbiome), metagenomic and metabolomic analysis techniques,iprobiotics and prebiotics and their role in maintaining microbial eubiosis, application of bacteriotherapy, nutrition and function of the intestinal microbiota, bacteriotherapy and their applications.

Textbook Information

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