SECS-P/01 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Corso Italia, 55
Phone: 0957537745
Office Hours: Giovedì, 10.00 - 12.00, IV piano Palazzo delle Scienze, stanza 23/b o previo appuntamento

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate the economic phenomena from the institutional economics perspective. Students will be able to identify the rules that affect such phenomena, and their dynamics through history.

Detailed Course Content

The foundation of institutional economics and its relationship with classic and neoclassic economics.

Institutionalist schools: from the old institutional economics to the new institutional economics.

The Coase theorem. Property rights and transaction costs: the “normalised” institutionalism by the New Institutional Economics.

Economics as an evolutionary science: the generalized Darwinism.

Historical examples of institutional divergence.

Textbook Information

1) Acemoglu D., Robinson J., Perché le Nazioni Falliscono, il Saggiatore, 2014.

2) Searle J. R., What is an Institution?, Journal of Institutional Economics 1.01 (2005): 1-22.

3) Hodgson, G. M., Darwinism and institutional economics, Journal of Economic Issues 37.1 (2003): 85-97.

4) Hodgson G. M., What is the Essence of Institutional Economics?, Journal of Economic Issues 34.2 (2000): 317-329.

5) Cooter R., Mattei U., Monateri P.G., Ulem T., Il Mercato delle Regole, il Mulino, 1999, cap.II: pp. 79-130.

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