SECS-S/04 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

  1. Knowledge and understanding: The course provides basic concepts and tools of Demography. We will study how traditional methods used in population studies can
    help us make sense of new data sources, and how these new data sources may require new approaches and research design.
  2. Applying knowledge and understanding: The student has to be able to perform analyses of population processes using both traditional and new data sources.
  3. Making judgments: The student will be able to collect, process and interpret quantitative and qualitative data on population processes, also from a political decision-making point of view. The student will be able to identify the links between demographic and social variables in developed and developing countries.
  4. Communication skills: The student is expected to learn the technical language needed to understand/write properly about population processes.
  5. Learning skills: Ability to understand the logic of demographic analysis and reasoning

Course Structure

Frontal lectures and R computer labs

Detailed Course Content

Part 1

1. Sources of demographic data.

2. Structural Characteristics of a Population.

3. Mortality tables.

4. Marriage and Fertility.

5. Mobility and migration.

6. Economic outcomes of the aging of the population.

7. Demographic forecasts.

Part 2

1. Software R: Introductory notions, input and import of data, vector and matrix, function calls, charts.

2. Practical statistics summaries

3. API for extracting data from the main social networks

4. Case studies

Textbook Information

Alessandro Rosina, Alessandra De Rose. Demografia. EGEA, 2014

Notes and reading material provided by the lecturer

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