IUS/17 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: via Vittorio Emanuele II, 49
Phone: 0957347206
Office Hours: Lun-mar-mer, nel periodo delle lezioni, dalle 8.30 alle 10 e dalle 12 alle 13

Learning Objectives

The course intends to present the foundations of the criminological discipline, inserting them in the more general overview of criminal law. The relationship between the criminal system - in the regulatory, institutional, cultural, sociological sense - and the contributions of philosophers, psychologists and sociologists on the analysis of criminal and deviant behavior will be presented. The central part of the course will be dedicated to the critical reading of the theoretical contributions that are ascribed to the sociology of deviance, together with a psychological analysis of the theories of deviance and crime. Finally, a space will be dedicated to the function of the prison as a total institution, and the themes of the insufficiency of the classical causal scheme in the analysis of complexity and the fundamental role played in this area by functionalism will be developed.

Course Structure

Frontal lessons, remotly

Detailed Course Content

The principles and foundations of criminal law: the value and profiles of legality; structure of the crime and criminal responsibility; imputability and guilt; penalties and security measures. The history of criminology: cultural and practical dynamics. The definition and profiles of criminal responsibility in the complexity of the real and of the cultural: criminal law vis-à-vis the other social sciences; imputability, guilt, social danger.

Textbook Information

S. Aleo, E. Lanza, Il sistema penale, Giuffrè, Milano, 2016.

S. Aleo, Criminologia e sistema penale, CEDAM, Padova, 2.a ed., 2011

S. Aleo, Dal carcere. Autoriflessione sulla pena, Pacini, Pisa, 2016

- For not-attending students:

S. Aleo e S. Di Nuovo, Responsabilità penale e complessità. Il diritto penale di fronte alle altre scienze sociali. Colpevolezza, imputabilità, pericolosità sociale, Giuffrè, Milano, 2011

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