IUS/04 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: aumirone@lex.unict.it
Office: dipartimento di giurisprudenza, via gallo - dipartimento di economia, corso italia
Phone: 095.230111 / 095.7537511
Office Hours: http://www.lex.unict.it/docenti/aurelio.mirone

Learning Objectives

1.Knowledge and understanding: this course allows students to learn Company and Business law so they could resolve questions of law interpretation; 2. Applying knowledge and understanding: the student thinks over legal rules and correct interpretation of it, so he is able to know the economics and social function of law; 3. Making judgments: the student can assess practical cases; 4. Communication skills: the student will be able to discuss his thesis with experts; 5. Learning skills: frontal lectures and individual studying allows students to achieve good level of understanding.

Course Structure

Lessons in presence. In case of need, lessons will be given in mixed or online mode and could be introduced the necessary variations in order to comply with the program laid down in the syllabus.

Detailed Course Content

First part (3 CFU) - The entrepreneur; The entrepreneur notion; The small entrepreneur, the agricultural entrepreneur, the commercial entrepreneur; Legal publications, book-keeping entries and commercial representation; Competition; Partnerships and companies; Partnerships: the “società semplice”, “the società in nome collettivo”, “the società in accomandita semplice”. Second Part (3 CFU) - The company limited by shares; Listed companies and financial markets; The limited liability company; The “società in accomandita per azioni”; Transformations, mergers and demergers of entities; Professional organization; Cooperative companies; Profit sharing agreement; Third part (3CFU) - Bankruptcy and reorganization of insolvent firms;

Textbook Information

First Part: AULETTA-SALANITRO, Diritto Commerciale, §§ 6-24, 36-44. And moreover: AA.VV., Manuale di Diritto Commerciale, a cura di Cian, §§ da 35-41. Second Part: AA.VV., Manuale di diritto commerciale, a cura di Cian, §§ 42-69; 75-76. Third Part: AULETTA-SALANITRO, Diritto Commerciale, §§ 304-377. And morover:.AA.VV., Manuale di diritto commerciale, a cura di Cian, § 34.

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