MED/50 - 20 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: spalmucci@unict.it
Office: Edificio 1, piano 0, AOU Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele, Via Santa Sofia 78 95123 Catania
Phone: 0953781769
Office Hours: Giovedì ore 14 30-15 30

Learning Objectives

1) Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of main organs and systems

2) Knowledge of main safety and logistic principles of most important RT machines and nuclear scanners

Course Structure

Training in the "Radiology Unit I", "Presidio Policlinico" (University Hospital Policlinico-Vittorio Emanuele") - Bulding 1, floor -1

Training in the different Operative Unites (in partnership with the Course) for RT, Nuclear Medicine and Imaging Diagnostic procedures

On-line training lessions could be also performed.

Detailed Course Content

- Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy Machines

- Procedures of PET-TC (patient preparation, positioning, study protocol)

- Procedures of MRI (patient preparation, positioning, study protocol)

- Procedures of CT (patient preparation, positioning, study protocol)

- Procdures of Nuclear Medicine using dedicated machines/scanners

- RT treatment, applications

- Techniques of Radiotherapy

Textbook Information

1) Compendio di Radiologia” di Roberto Passariello e Giovanni Simonetti Editore Idelson – Gnocchi.

2) Fernando Mazzuccato – Anatomia Radiologica Tecniche e Metodologie in Radiodiagnostica (Piccin)

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