Pedagogia generale e prospettive interculturali

M-PED/01 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Via Vittorio Emanuele II, n.49- studio a piano terra, Palazzo Pedagaggi
Phone: 095-7347234
Office Hours: martedì 15-17; mercoledì 10-12:30

Course Structure

The program of the course intends to involve various areas of general education, from the definition of the discipline and what is its field of action, up to the intercultural education, including the definitions of politics as active participation, starting from civic education in Italy from Washburne, Aldo Moro up to the standards of the XXI century; to then focus on the relationship between pedagogy and ecology and try to understand the importance of education for sustainability and attention to environmental policies. A key point will be the analysis of the meaning of education, education and training constructs, while another important node is to introduce intercultural education as a fundamental discipline in contemporaneity, linked to education to otherness and the importance of differences in terms of peaceful cohabitation.

Lectures starting from , on Monday - Tuesday from 8:00 to 10:00

Detailed Course Content

General education and intercultural perspectives

- Analysis and meanings of the concepts of education, teaching and training

- Analysis and understanding of the theory of formation in the pedagogical debate;

- Synthesis of the problem of the identity of education;

- Training as a pedagogical category: historical analysis, problematic issues and recent perspectives;

- Think about education today. Problematic, diversity and emergency in training;

- The new frontiers of education today;

- Intervention paths of formal, non-formal and informal training agencies;

- Educational emergencies between school, family and society;

- Trying to make people aware of the question of the subject as a person situated in the complexity and changeability of social contexts

- Education in globalization era and the new frontiers of training;

- The question of new subjects to be trained in multicultural / intercultural processes

- Training and development of new media;

- The question of democracy in a pedagogical perspective through the analysis of different education forms: democracy, citizenship, person dimensions;

- The new Bildung designed for the full humanization of human beings in anthropological, social and political contexts in the direction of new horizons of democracy / and still not fully accomplished on a planetary level;

- Meanings and models of the new citizenship;

- Intercultural practices in education and training processes

- The interpersonal approach between social and educational operators

Textbook Information

- Mulè P., I Processi formativi, le nuove frontiere dell’educazione e la democrazia. Questioni pedagogiche, Pensa Multimedia, Lecce 2014

- Annino A., La cittadinanza attiva nella ricerca educativa, Ragazzi In volo, Catania 2012

- Annino A., La cittadinanza planetaria nell’ottica della pedagogia critica, Anicia, Roma 2013

- La scuola di Barbiana, Lettera a una professoressa, Libreria Editrice Fiorentina, Firenze 2010

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