L-LIN/14 - 6 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff

Office: ex Monastero Benedettini, Piazza Dante 32
Phone: 095 7102588
Office Hours: Lunedì 10.30-12.00, mercoledì 9.00-10.00

Course Structure

Frontal teaching, group work

Detailed Course Content

The program is divided in three parts: the first is aimed at the introduction to generic aspects of German for specific purposes and specifically in the tourism language, examining the peculiarities of the microlanguage of tourism in German (lexical, semantic, morphological and syntactic aspects) based on a range of representative texts. The second concerns translation questions from a theoretical and practical point of view, in particular methods, techniques and translation strategies related to the transposition from German into Italian and vice versa. Part three aims at the acquisition of communicative abilities and skills in professional situations related to tourism.

Textbook Information

- Gualdo, Riccardo; Telve, Stefano, Linguaggi specialistici dell'italiano, Roma, Carocci, 2015 (cap. 1 Il campo di ricerca, cap. 2 Comunicazione e discorso specialistico).

- Nigro, Giovanna, Il linguaggio specialistico del turismo. Aspetti storici, teorici e traduttivi, Roma Aracne, 2015 (cap. IV Tradurre il turismo, pp. 99-122).

- Roche, Jörg; Drumm, Sandra (Hrsg.), Berufs-, Fach- und Wissenschaftssprachen, Didaktische Grundlagen, Tübingen, Narr, 2018 (cap. 2 Linguistische Aspekte von Fachsprachen, pp. 53-81; cap. 8.3 Fachsprache Tourismus, pp. 289-299).

- Scarpa, Federica, La traduzione specialistica. Lingue speciali e mediazione linguistica, Milano, Hoepli, 2005 (cap. 4 Metodologia traduttiva, pp. 107-169).

- Reader with texts for tourism purposes

- Practice material to exercise communicative abilities

Dictionary German-Italian/Italian-German:

L. Giacoma and S. Kolb (eds), Il nuovo dizionario di tedesco. Dizionario Tedesco-Italiano Italienisch-Deutsch, second edition, with CD-Rom, Bologna, Zanichelli, 2014.

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano