L-LIN/14 - 6 CFU - Annual Tuition

Teaching Staff

Office: ex Monastero Benedettini, Piazza Dante 32
Phone: 095 7102588
Office Hours: Lunedì 10.30-12.00, mercoledì 9.00-10.00

Course Structure

The course, held in German, consists of 36 hours of lessons, is complemented by the language practice classes taught by the C.E.L. staff (Collaboratrici ed Esperte Linguistiche). Attendance is not compulsory but strongly recommended.

Detailed Course Content

The program is divided in two parts: the first is dedicated to the acquisition of language skills of advanced degree (level B1-2 of the Common European Framework of Reference) with reflection of elements of German linguistics (types of sentences, syntagma, dependency grammar, verb valency, syntactic categories and functions); the second one covers development and trends of contemporary German which are analyzed from a sociolinguistic and pragmalinguistic perspective.

Textbook Information

A. Fundamental aspects of grammar (level B1-2), in particular of syntax

a) Course book:

A. Buscha, S. Szita, J.-M. Deltorn, Begegnungen. Deutsch als Fremdsprache B1+. Integriertes Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch, Sprachniveau, Schubert, Leipzig 2008, 266 pp.

The two CD linked to the course book are suitable to be used for self learning.


b) Grammar books:

In alternative or integration:

H. Dreyer, R. Schmitt, Grammatica tedesca con esercizi, München, Verlag für Deutsch, 2001, 360 pp.

G. Helbig, J. Buscha, Übungsgrammatik Deutsch, Berlin-München, 2013, 654 pp.

M. Reimann, Grundstufen-Grammatik Deutsch als Fremdsprache, München, Hueber, 2012, 240 pp.


c) Dictionary Italian – German:

L. Giacoma and S. Kolb (eds), Il nuovo dizionario di tedesco. Dizionario Tedesco-Italiano Italienisch-Deutsch, second edition, with CD-Rom, Bologna, Zanichelli, 2014.


d) Syntax

In alternative or integration:

- C. Di Meola, La linguistica tedesca. Un’introduzione con esercizi e bibliografia ragionata, nuova edizione rivista e ampliata, Roma, Bulzoni Editore, 2007, pp. 91-128. (capitolo sintassi).

- K. Kessel; S. Reimann, Basiswissen Deutsche Gegenwartssprache, Tübingen/ Basel, Francke (UTB), 2010, pp. 1-60 (capitolo sintassi).

- K. Pittner, Judith Berman, Deutsche Syntax. Ein Arbeitsbuch, Tübingen, Narr, 2007, 200 pp.

- A. Tomaselli, Introduzione alla sintassi del tedesco, Bari, Edizioni B.A. Graphis, 2013, 159 pp.


B. Aspects of contemporary German

a) In alternative or integration:

- S. M. Moraldo, M. Soffritti (eds), Deutsch aktuell. Einführung in die Tendenzen der deutschen Gegenwartssprache, Roma, Carocci, 2007.

- S. M. Moraldo (eds), Deutsch aktuell 2. Einführung in die Tendenzen der deutschen Gegenwartssprache, Roma, Carocci, 2011.

Students can select a chapter (15 pp.) of their choice.


b) Literary text:

Abbas Khider, Deutsch für alle. Das endgültige Lehrbuch, München, Hanser, pp. 11-28.

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