MAT/07 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Dipartimento di Matematica e Informatica
Phone: 095 7383036
Office Hours: L'orario aggiornato si può consultare sulla piattaforma STUDIUM.

Learning Objectives

The students will be able to find the center of gravity, and the equilibrium configurations for a mechanical system with a finite number of freedom degrees and to compute the constraint reactions.

Course Structure

Lectures and exercises in the classroom.

Detailed Course Content

Vector fields

Free and applied vectors. Systems of applied vectors. Equivalent systems of vectors and their reduction. Operator nabla. Intrinsic trihedron.


Particle kinematics. Rigid motions for systems. Analysis of a rigid motion. Relative kinematics. Some special rigid motions. Constrained systems. Holonomic and anholonomic constraints. Degrees of freedom and free coordinates. Displacements, virtual displacements.


Dynamics and statics of a particle (free and constrained). Centre of mass. Inertia matrices. Cardinal equations of mechanics. Balance theorem of kinetic energy. Conservative forces and conservation of energy. Virtual work principle and its applications. Equilibrium of a holonomic system. Principle of stationary potential energy. Statics of constrained rigid body. Determinations of constraint reactions

Textbook Information

1) E. OLIVERI, Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale. Ed. CULC, Catania.
2) G. GRIOLI, Lezioni di Meccanica Razionale. Ed. Libreria Cortina, Padova.
3) M. FABRIZIO, Elementi di Meccanica Classica. Ed. Zanichelli Bologna.
4) S. BRESSAN, G. GRIOLI, Esercizi di Meccanica Razionale. Ed. Libreria Cortina, Padova.
5) A. GRASSO – A. RIGANO, Esercizi di Meccanica Razionale. Ed. CULC, Catania.

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