MED/18 - 5 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Policlinico (edificio 1) - Via S. Sofia - Catania
Phone: 095-3782918 ; 3391799591
Office Hours: Su appuntamento, richiesto dallo studente inviando una e-mail
Office: Azienda Ospedaliera Cannizzaro. Via Messina, 829. UOC Chirurgia Generale Padiglione F2, 4° Piano.
Phone: 0957264863
Office Hours: previo appuntamento telefonico

Learning Objectives

Knowledgw of the etiopathogenesis, of the pathophysiology, of the symptomatology, of the diagnosis also differential, and of principles of surgical therapy of the diseases of surgical relevance, with particular regard to those of oncological nature and of the digestive apparatus, with attention to the aspects of surgical anatomy, of physical and instrumental semeiotics and general elements of surgical therapy

Course Structure


Detailed Course Content

Diskinesia of the esophagus - Diverticula of esophagus - Benign and neoplastic stenosis of the esophagus - Diaphragmatic hernias and GERD - Tumors of the stomach - GIST - Neuroendocrine tumors - Gastroduodenal peptic ulcer - Duodenal diverticula - Tumors of the papilla and of the VBP - Tumors of the gallbladder - Lithiasis of the gallbladder and of the common bile duct - Primitive and secondary tumors of the liver - Hepatic hydatidosis and non parasitis cysts - Acute pancreatitis - Exocrine and endocrine tumors of the pancreas - Tumors of the mesenteric tenue - Retroperitoneal tumors - Intestinal infarction - Diverticular disease of the colon - Inflammatory bowel diseases - Tumor of the large intestine and rectum - Anorectal pathology and pelvic floor dysfunction - Splenopathies of surgical interest - Hernia and laparocele - Benign and malignant tumors of the breast - Thyroid tumors and goiter

Textbook Information

1 R. Dionigi - Chirurgia - EDRA, 2017

2 R. Bellantone, G. De Toma, M. Montorsi et al. - Chirurgia Generale - Ed. Minerva Medica, 2008

3 D. D'Amico - Manuale di Chirurgia Generale - Piccin, 2018

4 F. Minni - Chirurgia Generale - Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, 2019

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