BIO/14 - 3 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Torre Biologica, Via S. Sofia 97
Phone: 095 4781196
Office Hours: 8:30-10:00

Learning Objectives

Knowing what the drugs are and the role they have in the therapeutic field
Understanding how medications change the patient's health status
Know the factors that can change the response to a drug
Know the risks associated with the use of drugs
Know the general principles of pharmacotherapy
Know the pharmacokinetic parameters
Know the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Course Structure

Part I: Pharmacokinetic;

Part II: Pharmacodinamics

Detailed Course Content

Drug concept, Definition of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, toxicology Development of a drug and the phases of clinical trials, Pharmacovigilance, clinical trials, Adverse drug reactions (ADR), Tolerance, tachyphylaxis, resistance, Routes of drug administration, factors that modify the absorption of drugs, the biological barriers (hematoencephalic, hematoliquorale, hemato-ocular hemato-placenta etc.), passage through biological membranes; transport processes, drug biotransformation: phase I and phase II reactions; farmacoinduzione; cytochromes, drug excretion, dose concept; "average effective" dose (DE50) and "mean lethal" dose (LD50); therapeutic index (IT). Dose-effect relationships. Variation of the action of drugs with doses, Agonists and antagonists, Definition and meaning of the main pharmacokinetic parameters: area under the curve ('' AUC ''), half-life ('' half-life '', t1 / 2), volume of distribution; clearance. Bioequivalence; bioavailability; Receptors: structure, transduction systems, regulation mechanisms (concept of down-regulation and upregulation); binding forces in drug-receptor interactions. - Orthostatic and allosteric sites. Receptor classification ; Neurotransmitters, Ionic channels - G protein coupled receptors (GPCR) - kinase coupled receptors - Nuclear receptors; Cholinergic system; Adrenergic system

Textbook Information

Rossi-Cuomo ''Farmacologia:principi di base e applicazioni terapeutiche'' Minerva Medica Edizione III; Goodman & Gilmans “The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Twelfth Edition.

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