2 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The educational objectives of the course are to list the principles of fixed prosthesis on natural teeth. Therapies will be evaluated in the rehabilitation of the single tooth and the treatment of the missing tooth. Particular attention will be given to the first visit and to the formulation of the treatment plan.

The course is supplemented by free student participation in local, national and international scientific events organized in the field of dental prosthesis.

The skills acquired will lead the student to develop a critical capacity on the topics covered using the skills in an active way for the purposes of prosthetic rehabilitation.

Course Structure

Surgical management with knowledge of guidelines, operating protocols related to dental prosthesis.

Detailed Course Content

Practical training in clinic always under the guidance of the teacher (eg. face bow detection, study imprints, articulator setting waxes, search for the jaw-charge position).

Textbook Information

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