MED/08 - 4 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff


Learning Objectives

The student must acquire the ability to: discriminate between the main differential diagnoses affecting the anatomical sectors of the heart and the large vessels; know the main anatomopathological frameworks of post-surgical complications; indicate which diagnostic algorithms are pursued in the molecular diagnosis of diseases.

Course Structure

Frontal teaching.

Detailed Course Content

Main differential diagnoses affecting the heart and large vessels -

Structural alterations of the disease and the anatomical and pathological data to the clinical ones -

Main anatomopathological frameworks of post-surgical complications -

Diagnostic algorithms that are pursued in the molecular diagnosis of diseases

Textbook Information

Robbins - Cotran "Le basi patologiche delle malattia" 9a edizione Elsevier

Gallo - D’Amati Anatomia Patologica – La sistematica” UTET

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