SECS-P/08 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: 95129 Catania - Corso Italia, 55 - Palazzo delle Scienze, stanza 4 III piano
Phone: +390957537616
Office Hours: Mercoledì 10.30-12.30. Su appuntamento con richiesta di incontro via mail. Consultare sezione Avvisi nella pagina del docente sul sito del Dipartimento

Learning Objectives

earning Objectives are: A. Competencies and B. Knowledge and Skills

A. Competencies (according to EQF standard of the European Union). Students will be able to develop and boost at least four of the 8 key competencies for lifelong learning provide by the EU. Specifically, the four competencies are:

(a) communication in foreign language;

(b) digital competence;

(c) learning to learn;

(d) sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

B. Knowledge and skills (according to the Descriptors of Dublin).

Course Structure

The course consists of in class activities as well as of home assignments. The core activity is the lecture held in class by the Instructor in an interactive mode to facilitate the learning process of student. Videos from the web will be presented in class to stimulate discussion, and short cases or readings can be submitted to students to facilitate a more practical view of the discipline. Due to the nature of the course, the mentioned in class activities and home assignments are important as well to monitor the learning process of students in preparation to the final exam

Detailed Course Content

  1. Introduction to Innovation
  2. Introduction to a Strategic Management Approach to Technological Innovation (from the textbook)
  3. Source of Innovation (from the textbook)
  4. Types and Patterns of Innovation (from the textbook)
  5. Standards Battles and Design Dominance (from the textbook)
  6. Timing of Entry (from the textbook)
  7. Definining the Organization's Strategic Decision (from the textbook)
  8. Choosing Innovation Projects (from the textbook)
  9. Collaboration Strategies (from the textbook)
  10. Protecting Innovation (from the textbook)
  11. Organizing for Innovation (from the textbook)
  12. Managing the New Product Development Process (from the textbook)
  13. Managing New Product Development Teams (from the textbook)
  14. Crafting a Deployment Strategy (from the textbook)
  15. Business Models and Business Model Canvas (from the on line readings)
  16. Emerging Trends in Innovation (from on line readings and additional materials provided by Students)

Textbook Information

  1. Textbook: Melissa Schilling, Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, 5th edition, McGraw Hill Education, 2017.
  2. On line Readings: What are business models and how are they built? - Creating value through business model innovation - Business models as models.
  3. On line Readings: Business Model Canvas (available from Business Model Generation website)
  4. Additional Readings available on the website and on Studium

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