SECS-P/03 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Palazzo delle Scienze - Stanza 18 - Italia, 55 - Catania
Phone: 095 7537723
Office Hours: Mar-Mer 11-13

Learning Objectives

1. To supply the analytical knowledge needed to understand the fundaments of public intervention and its effects on the allocation and distribution of resources, with a specific focus on the Italian institutional context.

2. To provide the students with the methodological instruments that are useful for the application of what is learned on the economics of the public sector to the professional work, in order to facilitate the access to the job market.

3. To instruct the students on the utilization and interpretation of micro and macro data in order to facilitate autonomous analytical abilities.

4. To favor the ability of exposition of personal opinions to experts as well as a non-specialized public.

5. To guarantee an amount of learning sufficient to join a course study of a higher level, especially in the fields of public policy and administration

Course Structure

Lessons; seminars by invited speakers

Detailed Course Content

Public intervention, normative and positive analysis. State functions. * Fundaments of welfare economics, market failure and reasons for public intervention. *Public choice. Cost-benefit analysis. * Income redistribution. *Tax incidence, taxation and efficiency; income taxation and its effects; corporate taxes; consumption taxes. *Analysis of public expenditure. *Welfare and pension system in Italy. *The public budget. * Deficit and fiscal policy. *Fiscal federalism. *Local public finance. *Interregional equity.

Topics with a star, *, are mandatory to succeed in the exam

Textbook Information

  1. H.. S. Rosen – T. Gayer, Scienza delle finanze, McGraw Hill, Milano, 2018, V ed.
  2. P. Bosi – M. C. Guerra, I tributi nell’economia italiana, Il Mulino, Bologna, edizione 2017

Lecture slides will be uploaded weekly onto STUDIUM. Other publications, may be made available to students during the course.

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