IUS/04 - 9 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: aumirone@lex.unict.it
Office: dipartimento di giurisprudenza, via gallo - dipartimento di economia, corso italia
Phone: 095.230111 / 095.7537511
Office Hours: giurisprudenza: mercoledì, ore 10.00-11.00 - Economia: giovedì, ore 12.00-13.00

Learning Objectives

1.Knowledge and understanding: this course allows students to learn Company and Business law so they could resolve questions of law interpretation; 2. Applying knowledge and understanding: the student thinks over legal rules and correct interpretation of it, so he is able to know the economics and social function of law; 3. Making judgments: the student can assess practical cases; 4. Communication skills: the student will be able to discuss his thesis with experts; 5. Learning skills: frontal lectures and individual studying allows students to achieve good level of understanding.

Detailed Course Content

First part (3 CFU) - The entrepreneur; The entrepreneur notion; The small entrepreneur, the agricultural entrepreneur, the commercial entrepreneur; Legal publications, book-keeping entries and commercial representation; Competition; Partnerships and companies; Partnerships: the “società semplice”, “the società in nome collettivo”, “the società in accomandita semplice”. Second Part (3 CFU) - The company limited by shares; Listed companies and financial markets; The limited liability company; The “società in accomandita per azioni”; Transformations, mergers and demergers of entities; Professional organization; Cooperative companies; Profit sharing agreement; Third part (3CFU) - Bankruptcy and reorganization of insolvent firms;

Textbook Information

First Part: AULETTA-SALANITRO, Diritto Commerciale, §§ 6-24, 36-44. And moreover: AA.VV., Manuale di Diritto Commerciale, a cura di Cian, §§ da 35-41. Second Part: AA.VV., Manuale di diritto commerciale, a cura di Cian, §§ 42-69; 75-76. Third Part: AULETTA-SALANITRO, Diritto Commerciale, §§ 304-377. And morover:.AA.VV., Manuale di diritto commerciale, a cura di Cian, § 34.

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