9 CFU - 1° Semester

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Learning Objectives

1. Knowledge and understanding: since the main purpose of this course is to foster students’ learning of the four linguistic skills, which are pivotal to support a linguistic competence defined by the intermediate level, main features of syntax and morphology will be analyzed, with specific reference to phonetics, lexis of connected speech, English usages in the economic field, related to the degree’s objectives.

2. Applying knowledge and understanding: students will be required to apply their linguistic competences and to communicate fluently, with specific lexis and correct syntax, concerning several topics of the professional field.

3. Making judgements: linguistic competence is crucial for a practical application of ESP to national and international work contexts.

4. Communication skills: communication skills, which will be assessed through oral and written tests, are meant to provide students with adequate tools to gain international work experience.

5. Learning skills: the course aims at developing students' autonomous learning skills.

Detailed Course Content

Through the study of some aspects of British and American culture and society, the course aims at acquiring an adequate capacity for translation and conversation in English. Particular attention will be given to issues such as political institutions, government, international relations, the economy and specific topics of Business English. Through the use of audiovisual learning material and role play activities, we intend to enhance the lexical skills and develop critical and analytical skills in a foreign language. The course also aims to gradually develop fundamental language skills (reading and comprehension of texts; listening; oral and written production). There will be a grammar review .

Textbook Information

  1. Fiocchi P., Morris D., The business way. Businness theory and communication, Zanichelli, Bologna 2012.
  2. Mckeown A. , Wright R., Professional English in Use: Management, Cambridge UP, Cambridge 2011.
  3. P. Kerr e C. Jones, Straightforward. Intermediate Student’s Book. Oxford, Macmillan, 2006.
  4. Trappe T., Tullis G., Intelligent Business Intermediate Course Book, Longman-Pearson Education Ltd, Harlow 2005.

Recommended dictionaries:

-Il Ragazzini Inglese-Italiano/ Italiano - Inglese. Latest edition, ed. Zanichelli

Open in PDF format Versione in italiano