SECS-S/06 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: palazzo delle scienze, corso Italia, 55
Phone: 095 7534735
Office Hours: mer. gio. 9:00-11:00

Detailed Course Content

MODULE # 1 (3 CFU)

Financial conventions, annuities, amortizations, founding capital


Learning goals: Providing both the theory and practice of elementary financial calculus under certainty. As a byproduct, this helps to develop professional skills.


Topic description: The financial function and its properties. Financial convention: simple, commercial and compound; mixed cases; rational vs commercial discount. Equivalent interest rates, nominal interest rates, instantaneous convention. Annuities and their classification: general discrete, periodic, constant, fractional, continuous, perpetual. Annuities in compound convention: periodic arithmetic and geometric progression payment; perpetuities. Inverse problems. Unshared loan and amortization: general properties. Compound convention in amortization: Single settlement repayment; multiple settlement repayments: general weak amortization installments; several interest repayments and single repayment of the principal (general and periodic); several interest repayments and single repayment of the principal with collateral funding of the principal: general case. American amortization. Italian amortization. French amortization. German amortization. Cession’s value of rights concerning a loan’s amortization. Capital accumulation: discrete case.


MODULE # 2 (3 CFU)

Valuation of financial and real investments


Learning goals: Providing the theory and the main techniques for evaluating both financial and real investments. Explaining the concept of interest rate risk and the corresponding techniques of immunization.

Topic description: Loan evaluation and general investment evaluation. Bare ownership and usufruct. Investments in real markets under certainty. Some useful criteria of investment evaluation: Net Present Value (NPV); Internal Rate of Return (IRR); Payback period. Comparison among criteria. Shared loan amortization: basic concepts. Constant amortization installments, constant reimbursement price. Effective rate for the issuer; cession’s value of the credit; effective rate for the holder. Cession’s value of a bond. Bond’s market: prices vs rates/yields. Zero coupon bonds. Fixed coupon bonds. The structure of the market. Forward rates and spot rates. Immunization: basic principles. Interest rate risk. Theorems of immunization: parallel and nonparallel shifts. Time indexes: arithmetic mean maturity; duration and modified duration. Convexity.

Textbook Information

1. S. A. Broverman, Matematica Finanziaria, I edizione, Egea, 2019 (obbligatorio)

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