SECS-P/08 - 9 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: 95129 Catania - Corso Italia, 55 - Palazzo delle Scienze, stanza 4 III piano
Phone: +390957537616
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Learning Objectives

Students (enrolled at the first year of their undergraduate programme in Business Administration) are requested to learn concepts and theoretical frameworks in important issues within the management of firms, as: principles of modern management; meaning of "doing business" within different governance structures, organizational forms, business typologies and competitive contexts; managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities in decision-making.

The course is taught in Italian language and both oral and written exams are held in Italian.

Course Structure

The course is structured as it follows:

Lectures, Case Analyses, Testimonials in Class. The web (website: and the main social media (facebook and twitter) will be used as well to turn the attendance in class in a more partecipative and immersive experience of learning

Detailed Course Content

First module, 3 CFU

Introduction to Management. Principles of Management in Today's Workplace

Management Activities: Planning. Organizing, Leading, Coordinating and Controlling

Second module, 3 CFU

Theory of the firms and the ultimate goals of business organizations

Typologies of firms and corporate governance structures

Global sustainibility, corporate social responsibility e business ethics.

Third module, 3 CFU

Entrepreneurial and managerial competencies in decision-making

Textbook Information

Lecture Notes from the Instructor

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