GEO/03 - 6 CFU - 1° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: cmonaco@unict.it
Office: Dip. Scienze Biol. Geol. Amb. Sezione di Scienze della Terra - Corso Italia, 57, Catania
Phone: 0957195731
Office Hours: Lun-Ven ore 12:00-13:00

Learning Objectives

The main goal of the course consists of providing the analysis ability about:
- hydrogeological risk evaluation by the definition of hazard control factors
related to both geological and geomorphological processes and the susceptibility of different elements of
a region;
- Interpretation of thematic maps with different scales, as well as the recognition of active exogenous processes aiming at both the landscape protection and
the evaluation of the hydrogeological risk;
- Prediction, prevenction and mitigation of the hydrogeological risk, also by applying the planning
procedures recommanded by the law in force (e.g. Piano Stralcio per l'Assetto Idrogeologico - P.A.I. at a
regional scale).

Course Structure

The course will consist of class didactic work, exercises and field activities.

Detailed Course Content

Topics concerning the natural factors of instability, surficial erosion, fluvial dynamics, landslides, coastal erosional processes and flood events. Available data and web sources related to the
distribution and the classification of the main geological and surficial instabilities will be presented, such as the PAI (Piano per l'Assetto Idrogeologico by Regione Sicilia) project.

Textbook Information

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