MED/07 - 6 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Email: mezzate@unict.it
Office: Dip.to Scienze Biomediche e Biotecnologiche - Sezione Microbiologia. Torre Est piano 3°. Via Santa Sofia n.97. Catania
Phone: 095.4781240
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Learning Objectives

To train graduates giving them knowledge about applied food microbiology. Therefore, in addition to the main microbial groups of interest in food, students will be trained in the principles of conservation, the following will be treated: the sources of the most diffused food contamination and foodborne diseases including emerging as well as traditional and innovative analytical methods used in microbiological analysis.

Detailed Course Content

Infections and food poisoning bacteria:

Fungi and food.

Food preservation

  1. Factors that control microbial growth in food
    • High temperature: pasteurization, sterilization
    • Low temperature: refrigeration and freezing
    • Radiation, water activity, pH value; redox potential
    • Atmosphere conservation of the environment (packaging)
    • Additives and Preservatives

Food contamination

Control of food production

Microbiological control of food

Textbook Information

1. Antonietta Galli Volonterio, Microbiologia degli alimenti,Casa editrice ambrosiana.

2. Jay, Loessner, Microbiologia degli alimenti Golden. Springer

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