MED/04 - 8 CFU - 2° Semester

Teaching Staff

Office: Laboratorio Malattie Metaboliche - OVE-Policlinico - Pres. G. Rodolico. ED 9
Phone: 095-3782963
Office Hours: Da concordare tramite e-mail

Learning Objectives

Provide all the scientific informations in the field of general pathology suitable for the preparation of the student for those materials which will be used after the completion of training

Course Structure

lessons as per calendar

Detailed Course Content

-Introduction to General pathology

-Concept of homeostasis and disease

-Causes of phisical diseases

-Causes of chemical diseases

-Causes of biological diseases

-Cellular pathology

-Genetic pathology

-Inflammation: classification; types of exudate; chemical mediators of inflammation; chronic inflammation and granulomas; reparative phenomena

-The fever


-Filogenesis of the immune system


Antigen and antibody

Cells of the immune system


Oncology: classification of tumors, benign and malignant tumors. Tumor cell metabolism, viral oncogenesis, tumor metastasis thera

Textbook Information

Pontieri: Patologia Generale

Robbins: Patologia Generale

Rubin: Patologia generale

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