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Teaching Staff

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Office Hours: Mercoledì dalle 16:00 alle 18:00

Learning Objectives

The target level of linguistic competence envisaged is B2 within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This course aims at consolidating the acquisition of structures and skills and it is also meant to provide the students with effective tools for linguistic analysis and an awareness of competent language usage.

Course Structure

The course is made up of 36 hours of lectures, divided into linguistic analysis and practice of translation. The English language lessons are held by the native speaker Collaboratori ed Esperti Linguistici and are a fundamental part of the course; they last for the whole academic year and have communicative activities aiming at developing and supporting the four skills, particularly the oral production (conversation) and listening. The course is held in English, except for the practice of translation from English into Italian.

Detailed Course Content

The course is divided into two main parts: a first part concerning the linguistic analysis from a pragmatic point of view and the use of English in some specific fields; a second part concerning the practice of translation. In both cases it is fundamental that the students actively participate by using some worksheets and texts provided by the teacher throughout the course.

An intermediate test about suprasegmental phonology is scheduled.

At the end of the course, the students will sit for an oral test and will hand in a translation of a text with a commentary (pragmatics analysis, text and translation analysis).

Textbook Information

Part 1 English Structures

Phonology: beyond the segment

Text linguistics


Part 3 English Speech: Regional and social variation

Regional variation in English accents and dialects

World Englishes

Part 4 English Writing: Style, Genre and Practice

Speech, writing and discourse type

Language in Newspapers

Language in Advertisement

Business Communication


1.Basic Issues and Concepts

2. Translatability, Equivalence and Translation Evaluation

3. Some Methodological Developments in Translation Studies


The reference grammar books and the texts to be used for the language instruction classes will be communicated immediately after the entrance test on the basis of level of competence and assigned group.

Recommended dictionaries:

Collins Cobuild Dictionary for Advanced Learners, London: Collins last edition (with How to use the Dictionary, Collins ELT, London);

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (with cd-rom), London, Longaman, last edition;

A.S. Hornby, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, Oxford, Oxford University Press, last edition;

Cambridge Learner Advanced Dictionary (with cd-rom), Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, last edition;

MacMillan English Dictionary, New Edition, Oxford, MacMillan, last edition;

Ragazzini, Dizionario Inglese-Italiano, Italiano-Inglese, Zanichelli, last edition.


Please remember that in compliance with art 171 L22.04.1941, n. 633 and its amendments, it is illegal to copy entire books or journals, only 15% of their content can be copied.

For further information on sanctions and regulations concerning photocopying please refer to the regulations on copyright (Linee Guida sulla Gestione dei Diritti d’Autore) provided by AIDRO - Associazione Italiana per i Diritti di Riproduzione delle opere dell’ingegno (the Italian Association on Copyright).

All the books listed in the programs can be consulted in the Library.

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